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JExplorer Personal 2.x

JExplorer Personal 2.x

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JExplorer Personal Publisher's Description

JExplorer is a library that provides developers with an easy-to-use ability to integrate Microsoft Internet Explorer into Swing applications. JExplorer is valuable for those who need to use the JNIWrapper functionality in addition to JExplorer, for those who require tight integration with MSHTML and DOM functionality and intend to use the low-level Internet Explorer API. FEATURES: JExplorer provides a number of features for integrating Internet Explorer with Java applications. * Visual Browser component for embedding into a Swing UI and the HeadlessBrowser implementation for automated tests. * Automate Internet Explorer application without embedding into a Swing UI. * Usual methods for navigation such as navigate(), back(), forward() and stop(). * Regular Java listeners for various browser events. * Execute JavaScript code on the HTML page by using the WebBrowser.executeScript() method. * Set and get the HTML content by using respectively the setContent() and getContent() methods of the WebBrowser instance. * Create context-dependent Java menus instead of standard browser menus. * Access to the browser's DOM and fast W3C DOM API adapters. * Access to the browser's extended options such as AllowImages, AllowScripts, etc. * Set and get cookies for the specified URL by using the setCookie() and getCookies() methods. * Forms API providing an easy way to manipulate data in the HTML form elements. * Direct access to the MSHTML API via wrappers for COM interfaces. * Access to JNIWrapper API.

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